Nice to meet you!

My name is Megan, i'm a student based out of Toronto, Ontario. I founded Nature Gemz in 2019 to share my passion for sustainability while creating colourful and trendy jewlery pieces! So happy your here :)

About us
  • Eco-Friendly

  • Donating Profits to Replant Trees

  • Student Owned

  • Handmade in Canada

Nature Gemz

Our viral handmade resin rings, loved by thousands! Our tiktok with more than 200K+ fans love watching these handmade rings being made!

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Do you ship internationally?

On this wbesite we ship to all of Canada, USA, Europe and Australia (we also run an etsy shop if you are outside of those locations:

What are you shipping details?

The majority of our prodcuts are made to order and are sent from Toronto, Canada. They take about 1-2 weeks to ship out and are sent via Canada post. No tracking number is inlcuded due to the expensive cost. Your order will arrive in 1-4 weeks depending on how far it is being shipped!

How do I find my ring size?

We offer a variety of rings sizes: 4-11 USA. We don't offer half sizes so choose the size closest to your measurement! To find your size please follow these simple steps and diagram on our FAQ page! Our ring sizes are consistent with the majority of other rings.

Where can I buy your rings if I'm not in Canada or USA?

My etsy shop sells to every country! If you are outside of Canada and the USA head on over to my Etsy shop where I ship to every country in the world!  I've shipped to: United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and more before! The link to my Etsy shop is:  Aesthetic Resin shop based in Toronto Canada by Naturegemz on Etsy

What are your shipping/processing time details? 

The majority of our products are made to order and are shipped out as soon as possible. Orders take up to 9 business days to be shipped out. Due to the current situation with Covid-19 all mail is delayed worldwide so please bear with us, all orders are always shipped out on time.

What are your products made out of?

An art medium called Resin!

Can you do custom orders?

Yes they are now open! Please message me on Instagram @nature.gemz

How to size your resin ring to make sure you get the best fit!

If you are looking to purchase a ring and aren't sure what size you are  or just want to double check here is a helpful guide to help you find the best size for you. Make sure to be as exact as possible and also note that I don't have half sizes! 

First step: Determine which finger you are going to wear your ring on. Sizes vary depending on the finger you are wearing it on. 

Step two: Find a ruler with Millimeters on it! 

Step three: Measure the diameter of your finger with the ruler in millimeters and compare it to the Nature Gemz sizing chart down below! 

For more ways to find your ring size, head over to: 3 Ways to Find Your Ring Size - wikiHow for a chart showing you the corresponding ring size with the string you have. 


How is your brand sustainable?

I have a passion for the environement and sustinalibluty so I knew went creating company it was going to be something we focus on. We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to Stand for Trees, an oraganization that replants trees in areas where they have been clear cut. We also try our best to remove excess plastic packing in our orders.

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