About us

Welcome to Nature Gemz!! My name is Megan and I run this resin shop! I'm so excited to now have my own website for this business and I hope you like it as much as it do!

I started Nature gemz in January of 2019, I started it as a blog and shop like it says in my logo. When I first started my main goal was to spread awareness on environmental issue like plastic pollution. Although I no longer run that blog I still try my best to make sure all my packaging on my product is eco-friendly and it all plastic free or recyclable of reused packaging. 

In January of 2021, my resin rings started doing very well on Etsy and I went from 30 sales to over 350 sales! I've decided that I would prefer to run my own website instead of Etsy so this is the new site. As for now I am only shipping in Canada since I still need to figure out taxes to send packages international but I should be shipping internationally by the end of this coming week! 

Want to keep up with everything I post? Here are all our social medias! 

Instagram: @nature.gemz

Tiktok: @naturegemz

Pinterest: @naturegemz

YouTube: @Megscraftz

**I still have my Etsy shop open for anyone in the USA or outside of Canada who want to purchase! Here is the link: Aesthetic Resin shop based in Toronto Canada by Naturegemz on Etsy